Monday, April 16, 2012

So Many Things + So Little Documentation = I Am A Slacker!

For General Conference we went to Park City with Ryan's Family. It was so fun and we stayed at a great hotel with great family for our company.

Davis had his first orange (peel) 
Davis sure loved listening to Conference...while he napped. :) We sure loved listening to Conference while he napped! 
Naomi and I did a puppet show while we were in between sessions...

We also recently went to St. George with Ryan's family for a family reunion. It was a blast. Nana (Grandma Terri Chase) decided to teach Davis "So Big" on the way down here we are at the reunion in St. George. Mission Accomplished! 

Sometimes it is worth feeding Davis in the tub.

Happy Easter!

Davis sure loved swimming in the pool. He was way past due for a nap but the fun just did not stop!

 Nana gave Naomi a ZOTZ (I loved this candy when I was a kid) and it was her first experience with she is trying to figure out what in the world is going on inside her mouth!

I recently got to take Davis to Chile to visit my parents. HE LOVED IT! Everything that is except the grass. This was his first experience with grass. 
He loved seeing Grandpa Laycock! 
Grandpa and Grandma talked in a funny language, but I think Davis understood! 
Grandma Laycock even let Davis play however he wanted! 
 He sure loves his Grandma and Grandpa Laycock...even though they are way down in Chile!

I love my little guy so much. He brings so much joy into our lives and blesses us in so many ways. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father that he trusts us enough to take care of this tiny soul!


About a month ago, we took Davis to get his first hair cut. The cute girl who cut it for him did it in an astounding 4 minutes and she earned every penny because Davis was screaming so loud that you would have thought we were ripping his fingernails out one by one.



AFTER...At least he recovers quickly.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Davis Larry Chase

Don't think there is a happier family on earth!


We are so happy to have generations of righteous family members who have brought us up in the gospel. Family is so important and because of the examples and love of our family, we grow up and learn in righteous and safe homes.

We were so happy to have Larissa's mom here for the couple of weeks that she got to visit. She had many reasons to be home during this time, and we were so lucky that it just so happened to be when Davis was born! What a blessing.

Four generations
Four generations

Davis' First Few Days at Home

Needed to catch up on some shut eye from missing that first night of sleep! I love holding him. He's the best.

He fits so perfect in his mom's arms!

Cousin Naomi's first time holding him. I love this picture. She was SO happy to hold him. When we'd tell her to smile, she'd give a big forced one, but when she was just holding him, this is the face she'd do.

This is one of my favorites! Just hanging out.

Landon Leaves for Argentina/Uruguay

Landon (Larissa's little brother and our best bud!) was called to serve in the Uruguay Montevideo West mission. Because he has already been able to learn some Spanish while living in Chile with is parents for the past two years, they shipped him straight down to the Argentina MTC where he will only stay for three weeks instead of two months. When they sent his name tag in the mail the first time, it came in Portuguese! I was so proud! I told him that they must be changing his call to Brazil. But, I was wrong. :( they just messed up. Too bad. Can you tell which name tag has been used more? :) His Spanish one came in the mail shortly after.

At the airport.

Just before going through security. We are going to miss you Elder Laycock!

Davis Larry Chase - July 14th

My one go to the hospital during the daytime and deliver before we go to bed. Well, we left the house at 1:00 am on Thursday morning (July 14th) and sped up from Alpine to LDS Hospital in Salt Lake. Hey, at least there wasn't traffic! She's pretty cute, isn't she? :)

Here he is! Davis Larry Chase. Born at 1:59 pm at 7 lbs & 0.5 ounce and 21 inches long. What a handsome little newborn!

My first time holding him after he got all bundled and warm. There aren't many other moments in this life that compare to this.

Right after his first bath. All clean!
He's our precious little guy!
A little blurb on his name. Davis is my middle name and my mom's maiden name. I was really close with my grandpa Davis before he passed away, and still feel close to him now. We have had many experiences that have solidified Davis as his first name which will always remind him of the great family that he comes from. Larry is Larissa's dad's first name. He is currently serving as a mission president in the Chile Santiago East mission. He and brother Cory are the only two out of all of our immediate family that were not able to be around when Davis was born. We gave him the middle name of Larry so that Davis will always remember why his grandpa Laycock was not there, how important the Lord's work is, and also to ALWAYS put the Lord first.

President Laycock also took a picture of Davis to teach a family about the Gospel and the plan of Salvation and the opportunity to be "born again" on the same day that Davis was born. The father of the family decided to accept the Gospel and be baptized and they now keep a picture of Davis in their home to remind them of their commitment.

Larissa's Pregnancy with Davis

February 19

March 5th

April 2nd

May 2nd

June 29th

July 12th

July 14th - Davis' Birthday!